I offer sound packages to suit projects big and small --from cart-based setups to smaller run and gun kits. The following equipment is on hand and available to rent for your project, and I will happily source additional gear if required! Contact me for a free consultation and quote

Sound Devices 633 6-channel timecode recorder/mixer

Zoom F8n 8-channel timecode recorder
Protogear+Orca Bags, K-Tek Harness

Sennheiser MKH50
Sennheiser 416 Rycote windscreen

DPA 6060 lavalieres x5
Sanken COS-11d lavalieres x2
Shure SM58, SM57 
Rode NT1A
Lauten LA-120 
PSC Elite Boompoles
Grip Equipment for Boom

Wisycom MCR54 4-channel wireless receiver 
Wisycom MTP60 transmitters (internal 32-bit timecoded recording!) x4
Sennheiser G4 EW500s transmitters/receivers x3
Comtek 216 system + 4 receivers

Timecode Sync
Denecke TS-C Smart Slate
Tentacle Timecode Boxes x3
EnglishStix Analog Slate 

Customized Soundcart Minicart
Pelican Cases
Audioroot Battery Distribution
Digital Media by Delkin Devices
Rechargable NiMHs, Li-Ion Smart and LiPO batteries to reduce waste
Expendables by Bubblebee Industries, URSA and Rycote