When you hire my services to record sound, I provide world-class equipment to get the job done right. I offer sound packages to suit projects big and small --from cart-based setups to smaller run and gun kits. The following equipment is on hand and available to rent for your shoot, and I will happily source additional gear if required! Please contact me to discuss your project and I can offer consultation, and provide a quote. 

Sound Devices 833 14-channel timecode recorder/mixer

Zoom F8n 8-channel timecode recorder
Wisycom MTP60 timecode recorders/transmitters x4

Sennheiser MKH50 x2
Sennheiser 416 Rycote windscreen

DPA 6060 lavalieres x5
Sanken COS-11d lavalieres x2
Sennheiser MKE-2 x2
Shure SM58, SM57 
Rode NT1A Condenser 
Lauten LA-120 Stereo Array
PSC Elite Boompole 9’
Ambient QP5100 Boompole 12.5’ 
Ambient QDS Dipstick 

Wisycom MCR54 4-channel wireless receiver
Wisycom MTP60 transmitters (internal 32-bit timecoded recording!) x4
PHA60 Wireless Boom adapters x2
Sennheiser G4 EW500s transmitters/receivers x3
Comtek 216 system + 4 receivers
Denecke TS-C Smart Slate
Tentacle Timecode Boxes x5
EnglishStix Analog Slate

Sound Support
Customized Soundcart Minicart
Matthews Stands + Grip Heads
Protogear, Orca Bags, K-Tek Harness
Rain Man Kit, K-Tek Rain Bib
Pelican Cases
Custom Battery Charging Case
Audioroot Battery Distribution
Digital Media by Delkin Devices
Rechargable NiMH to reduce waste
Expendables by Bubblebee Industries, URSA and Rycote
iPad Mini 6 (script+medata)
SSL SiX Mixing Console
Dynaudio BM6A Reference Monitors
UAD Apollo X DAC
2018 Macbook Pro 2.6 GhZ 32 GB RAM 

Video Support
Fujifilm XT-4 Mirrorless Camera Body
Fujifilm XF23mm 1.4 Prime Lens
Aperture 300d ii LED 
Various C-Stands, Shot Bags