3. released

Inner Touch - 100% Gone (2020) 

Radiant Aura Faculty feat. Inner Touch - Empire Dub (2019)

Credited for drum programming. Released as an ultra-limited edition dubplate via La Rama Records.

Chris - I Don’t Think Anything (2017)

Credited for guitars, backing vocals.
Released September 17, 2017 by Art of the Uncarved Block. 
Recorded and mixed by Collin Young at B-Town Sound. 

La Luna - Always Already (2016) 

Credited for guitars, vocals.
Released May 10, 201 by Middleman Records (USA) and Dingleberry Records (EU).
Engineered by Craig Boychuk at Public Lunch Studios, Autumn 2014.
Mixed by Craig Boychuk.
Artwork by Tallulah Fontaine.
Produced by La Luna.

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